Interview with Roelly Winklaar: Tips to help you level up!

Interview with Roelly Winklaar: Tips to help you level up!

21.09.2021 4 minutes

It's naive to think that you will be motivated 24/7, that you will look forward to those morning alarm clocks for training or endless minutes spent on a stationary bike. We know it, you know it too. Motivation doesn't last forever, that is why we interviewed our Olympia champion Roelly Winklaar, who shares a pretty clear message: "Never give up!"

Roelly currently lives in Kuwait, where he trains in the Oxygen gym complex and prepares for his epic return to the bodybuilding stage. He is a professional bodybuilder who began his successful career in 2009, when he won the Arnold Classic. In 2010, he started collecting his first golds from PRO competitions. After placing third at the IFBB Australia Pro 2010 Grand Prix, Roelly shocked the bodybuilding world by winning the IFBB New York Pro 2010. And right then and there, a new star was born. Roelly is now considered to be one of the top 5 bodybuilders in the world.

How would you describe this year’s preparation for the Olympia? How did you succeed at qualifying?

Not as I have envisioned it. Taking a year off made it difficult for me to get back and the competition, the new youngsters, are GOOD! They are tough and they are eager to win. I experienced many obstacles before being able to qualify this year for The Olympia but I did not want to stance on an invite. I wanted to quality fair and square like everybody else. We have a new game plan for the upcoming months and that is my focus now.

Your thigh muscles are absolutely impressive from all angles! What does your “brutal leg day” look like?

Leg workouts at the Oxygen gym are always different but they usually start with a warmup that looks as follows:

  • Squats 4 x 15
  • Hack squat 4 x 15
  • Leg press 4 x 15
  • Leg extension 4 x 15
  • Lunges back and forth 4 x 15

Hack squats are a must for me!


What does your meal plan look like during preparation for The Olympia?

My meal plan is quite monotonous. It consists of six meals, the amount varies from training and form. I have meals prepared by my team members - they also deliver them to the gym. I trust them completely.

Meal 1: 10 eggs

Meal 2: Chicken and rice

Meal 3: Fish and rice

Meal 4: Chicken and rice

Meal 5: Fish and rice

Meal 6: Chicken only

The life of a professional athlete can be very time consuming. Where do you recharge energy and strength for further training and preparation? Do you have any rituals that help you relax?

While I’m in Kuwait training and prepping for shows my schedule is as follows: eat, sleep, train, repeat. I barely do anything outside of training while in Kuwait. I usually then spend time talking on my phone to family, friends, on social media, relax in the jacuzzi, take sun baths, massages, or watch movies.

Do you plan to quit competing one day or take a break? Do you see this as something you could do for the rest of your life?

I took a break for more than a year and it’s been hard coming back. This year has been my most difficult year back but I currently have no plan to quit or retire from the sport. Not yet.

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What is your TOP fitness secret? What is the best tip that helped you on your fitness journey?

There is no secret to fitness. You have to be willing to go the extra mile, every single time. You have to want it as bad as you work for it. Listening to music does motivate me from time to time when the energy or motivation is low. Which happens to every single one of us. We all have good days and bad. You have to learn to push through them.

What is the biggest “fitness misconception” that you see nowadays? Why is it wrong?

That people see bodybuilders on social media already thinking and deciding who will win a next bodybuilding show. Instagram is for our fans. They do not dictate your physique on stage. The lineup that day, in front of those judges and under those lights is the only thing that dictates who will win a show. No Instagram post, story or video or YouTube video for that matter can decide that. If you’re good that day on that stage, then it’s yours.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete at The Olympia?

No dream is too big. Don’t ever get discouraged by other people’s opinions. Keep going. You will have various setbacks but one day you will breakthrough and it will be epic!

Why did you start with professional bodybuilding?

It is the only thing that gave me purpose years ago, but I never thought I would become this big in the world of bodybuilding.

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