Introducing Our Heroes

Introducing Our Heroes

11.05.2020 | 5 minutes

With the recently launched HERO Collection, there is no better time to dedicate a blog series to our own NEBBIA heroes. They are the loyal fans and supporters behind the success of NEBBIA, the people in our community that make a difference, all the fitness aficionados that continue paving their own path and don't shy away from goals. In this series, we will continuously introduce a few heroes from many corners of the world, briefly share their fitness journey and, of course, their NEBBIA style.

The Fierce Personal Trainer Eskeyla Tigra 

The long-term NEBBIA ambassador and fierce and inspirational personal trainer Eskeyla of Venezuelan origin lives in Rome, Italy. She has been an athlete all her life - being on a professional athletic team, she also did dancing and boxing, and in recent years she successfully competed in CrossFit and bodybuilding domestically and internationally. She usually trains five times a week, followed by days of yoga and stretching.

Do you have a special nutrition plan?
Absolutely yes! I usually don't eat before the training, I only take my supplements and that's it. For breakfast, it depends - there are some days I eat savory breakfast with eggs, avocado and rice cakes, or days when I eat something sweet such as pancakes or porridge. As of lately, my favorite is almond milk with puffed rice, protein, and peanut butter. I absolutely love it! 

What's your favorite exercise?  

I have a passion for gluteal and hamstring exercises, my favorites are hip thrust and deadlifts. 

Tell us something we don't know about you
I am a mother of two beautiful 11-year-old twins. I love animals - we have a dachshund and two cats. I love to read psychology and cooking books. And.....I have a soft spot for french fries????

What's your favorite NEBBIA piece?
It is impossible to choose! I love all of the collections, from the old ones to this new one. 

Eskeyla is wearing the Leather Look Bubble Butt Pants, the High Waist Fit & Smart Leggings in safari with Power Your Hero Iconic Sports Bra in apricot, and High Waist NEBBIA Label Leggins with Sports NEBBIA Labels Crop Top

The Eternally Fit Paralegal Anja Rauser aka Amy Fitink

An accomplished fitness athlete, Anja has been our model and ambassador for some time. She hails from Stuttgart, Germany, and works as a paralegal. She started with fitness in 2013 with the famous coach David Kranz whom she praises to this day for her success. Anja works out every day to stay fit (glutes and shoulders being her faves!) often testing her physical and mental limits.

What's the secret behind your nutrition?
Actually, I have a strict diet plan. For breakfast, I like to eat low-fat curd with whey protein or wholemeal rolls with smoked salmon. For lunch, I eat chicken with vegetables and rice, and for dinner, I enjoy a salad with feta cheese. I never eat before my workout, otherwise, I feel too heavy; it's always after.

Who's your hero?
I have learned that only I can motivate myself by directing my thoughts. So the answer is me, myself and I. And also my mom for raising me :)

What are your NEBBIA's must-haves?
Fast & Fit double-layer shorts, Label Leggings, Baseball Jacket, Brazil scrunch butt bikini, triangle bra, V-Butt leggings, oh, I love so many!

Amy is wearing Scrunch Butt Leggings in greyFast & Fit Shorts with Power Your Hero bra in white, and Power Your Hero Leggings and bra in peach.

The Sexy Sports Journalist Barbara Cordoba

The Argentinian sportscaster, all-around athletic babe, and a loyal NEBBIA fan started with fitness four years ago. She works out six times a week to enjoy a healthier and stronger body.

How did fitness change your life?
I think that fitness not only changed my life completely but also that my body reflects incredible results. I learned to take care of my body as if it were a temple and my energy is more abundant. My endorphins are very active and I am really very happy with the change. I do many disciplines related to sports such as CrossFit, functional, boot camp, boxing, pilates, yoga, gym workouts. I have many routines and I always try to do something different.

Who's your celebrity crush?
If anyone, then it's Lionel Messi:)

What are your NEBBIA must-haves?
The fabrics of all the pieces are my favorite fabrics in the universe. The leggings without a doubt are the quintessential piece because they are designed so that the seams fit well on the butt and look nice. That's the reason why I'm the number one fan and I love that effect on my butt. High waist cut also helps style my figure and that's what I love most about Nebbia.

Barbara is wearing the  High Waist Fit & Smart Leggings in black with Power Your Hero Iconic Sports Bra in peach, and Fast & Fit Double Layer Shorts with Power Your Hero bra in white.

The Stylish Fashionista Alisiia Holly

Ukrainian bikini fitness champion, personal trainer, fashion stylist & blogger. Alissia started her fitness journey 15 years ago and hasn't stopped ever since. Her discipline is extraordinary - she works out every day for four hours including cardio and weights. Can you imagine? No wonder she looks the way she does - toned, muscular, lean... just perfect!

What's your nutritional secret?
I have my special nutrition plan, for example it’s BCAA, glutamine, creatine. Usually, I eat something light before training, e.g. cottage cheese, small green apple, almonds. 

The reasons you love NEBBIA
It is the best clothing I wear for fitness, it’s really fashionable and practical, I love it!

Alissia is wearing the  Boho Style Leggings with Boho Style Mini TopSequal Collection biker shorts and top, and Flash Mesh Leggings and top in burgundy.

The charismatic operating assistant Tim Babon

The former soccer player turned FIBO fitness champion comes from Essen, Germany. He first dabbled in fitness in 2015 and has been practicing since then. He has always been motivated by athletes and professionals, so it's no surprise his heroes are The Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His favorite exercises are biceps and triceps curls.

Any special nutrition plan?
For breakfast, I eat rice flakes with whey protein and berries. Right after the workout, I take a shake of amino acids, creatine, and glutamine, later on, a protein shake with rice flakes. Approximately two hours after training, I eat chicken with vegetables and potatoes.

What are your NEBBIA must-haves?
Without a doubt, the t-shirts, and sweatshirts - they look great and fit perfectly! 

Tim is wearing  Red Label Sweatshirt in white and Beast Mode On Iconic Sweatpants in black. 

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