12 million tons of plastics end up in our oceans and seas every year. More than 90% of plastic fragments

fall to the bottom of the ocean destroying the ecosystem and harming sea animals.

In NEBBIA we care deeply for our planet, the cleanness of our oceans and the life in it.

We do not want to let you alone in this fight  for better environment. We want to do this together.





We decided to team up with a Spanish company called Seaqual

which is working with fishermen, non-governmental communities

and departments focusing on elimination of waste in oceans.

Currently they are cleaning the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic in Europe.

Besides that they started to gather it also from the Atlantic in the West Africa

and Java sea in Indonesia.







Considering all this and with the urge need to do something about it we came up with a new Seaqual collection

made of the plastic collected from the bottom of the oceans.


The process that is being used turns PET bottles into flakes which are then changed

into a 100% polyester fibre, that has the same identical characteristics

as an original polyester fibre.


This is why it can be used in various ways. In our case it is for creating an active sports wear.

Woman's leggings, fitness shorts and fitness tops.







The new collection of fitness clothing for women is special not only for its ecological features

and an important message that we want to share with it

but also for it's unique NEBBIA print.


All pieces are sporty yet sexy and bring the main "FItness meets fashion" message

as well as the rest of the new collection. You can wear it to any kind of physical activity

thanks to the functional design, special and adaptable eco material and softness.


Workout for you and workout for clean oceans!







By taking these steps we commit to eliminate the amount of waste

we produce. Our long- lasting goal is to minimalise it,

recycle and take good care of our planet.