7 Criteria for Choosing a Woman’s  Sweatshirt You Will Love

7 Criteria for Choosing a Woman’s Sweatshirt You Will Love

10.10.2023 4 minutes

Do you know the feeling when you put on a nice and warm sweatshirt? It’s really a unique feeling. Women’s sweatshirts are a favourite staple in every woman’s wardrobe, offering a wide range of styles and features for a wide range of activities, from casual cuts to various sports and fitness activities where more and more emphasis is placed on compression material. They provide the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. We’ve created a handy overview of sweatshirts to help you choose the right cut and material.

1. Material


Cotton is both the most common and the most comfortable material. It is suitable for casual wear, as well as for a light workout in the workout park. The women’s hoodie made from 100% cotton is soft and warm and allows the skin to breathe freely.


Compression sweatshirts are made from materials with technical properties that provide muscle support and improve blood circulation. They are a great option for fitness and sports activities.


Polyester sweatshirts are lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking. They are suitable for sports activities and weight training.

2. Cut & Fit

The cut you choose will affect your comfort and overall appearance. The right choice of cut can accentuate your beautiful curves or cover up areas you don’t want to draw attention to..

The classic cut is the most common and provides a comfortable, standard fit for most body types.

The slim fit is designed to fit and hug the body better, creating a more modern and stylish look.

The loose fit is designed to be more comfortable and provide more room for motion. When it comes to clothing, what really matters is how they make you feel. The Feeling Good women’s sweatshirt will make you feel both free and confident.

3. Style

Crop top sweatshirt:

They have a cut that ends above the waist, creating a modern and fashionable look. You’ll use them in the gym for full-body exercise or cardio training. Women’s crop hoodie will keep you warm even after a strenuous workout. And it will keep you warm even on colder days. The Iconic loose crop hoodie is a great option for your rest day.

Oversize sweatshirt:

Oversized sweatshirts remain in fashion thanks to the comfort they provide. This style is favourite for a wide range of leisure activities. But you can also use it in the gym to keep your muscles warm after training. The Gym Rat oversized cotton hoodie is a great option.

Sleeveless crop top:

Sleeveless crop tops are a great option for warm days or intense trainings when more freedom of motion is needed.

Long sweatshirt:

Long sweatshirts provide extra warmth and comfort, thus they are a great option for colder days.

Zip-up hoodie:

Zip-up hoodies provide temperature regulation and easy putting on and taking off. If you prefer to wear practical clothing, the Intense Signature hoodie will surprise you pleasantly.

4. Functionality

Athletic performance: If you intend to wear the sweatshirt during exercise, look for sweatshirts with technical features such as sweat-proof materials, compression material or a cut that will adapt to your body. The cotton crewneck sweatshirt is also great for the gym because it won’t restrict your motion and won’t let your muscles cool down so quickly. In addition, it will make you look stylish.

Comfort and style: For everyday wear, look for a comfortable fit and fashionable design that makes you feel good and look stylish.

Long vs. short: A long sweatshirt will keep you warm even on cold days, while short sweatshirts or cropped sweatshirts are suitable for warmer weather and for greater freedom of motion.

5. Hood

An element that will make you feel stylish and comfortable on colder days. If you’re looking for a hoodie, make sure it fits well on your head and doesn’t fall. A hole that is narrow and makes the hood difficult to take off over the head is often a problem. This may discourage you from wearing it over time.

6. Women’s sweatshirts by daily activity

Leisure: For everyday leisure activities such as shopping, meeting friends or going for a walk, oversized loose sweatshirts are a great option.

Fitness and sport: Cropped hoodies and hoodies with compression properties are suitable for exercising and sports activities, including weight training, running and yoga.

7. Sustainability

A sweatshirt made from low-quality materials will last only a few washes. In addition, lint will form and the colours will fade quickly. Durability, which is important to us in the manufacture of clothing, ensures that you can move on and double the life of clothing you no longer wear. That’s what our regular clothing swap is intended for. We ensure that our goods are responsibly sourced, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly materials such as cotton are also used to produce the sweatshirts. They are environmentally friendly and durable. Lasts long even after repeated wearing and washing in the washing machine. Labelled as made from organic cotton.

Bottom line tips

Sweatshirts are a great way to feel comfortable and stylish. Before buying, think about the occasion you want to use it most often. Take the material and style you prefer into consideration. Whether it’s cotton for comfort or compression material for athletic performance. It’s worth investing into comfort. Remember that a sweatshirt is not just a seasonal thing and you can use it all year round.