It's time to say goodbye to boring salads! We bring you five unique fitness recipes for dinner.

Dinner is one of the main courses of the day. Prepare one that contains all the nutrients you need and tastes delicious at the same time. You don't have to just eat low-carb chicken breast salads with a drizzle of oil all the time. Dinner should be light – it shouldn't put a strain on your digestion before sleep. But that doesn't mean you only have a choice between curly and iceberg lettuce. Our NEBBIA girl Klaudia...

21.10.2022 3 minutes

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Tips and Tricks for Pre-competition Meals: How to Reduce Your Cravings for Cheat Meals?

Any of us who have ever dieted know the feeling – you’re still eating and you still feel like you don't have enough. Even while you’re eating, you’re already thinking about the next meal, and the time passes so slowly that it seems like an endless story.Although dieting is quite challenging, there are tricks that can sidetrack your brain from constantly thinking about...

19.10.2022 4 minutes

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How to choose the perfect kind of protein?

Considering the amount of protein supplements, it can get confusing when you’re trying to find the right one on the market. Don’t be fooled by the huge selection and find the best one for your needs. Whey, plant-based or beef? Find out in our post.Whey proteinThis is the king of protein powders. You cannot go wrong with this one. It is a by-product of the manufacturing of cheese. It contains all the essential...

10.10.2022 5 minutes

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You won't believe what you used to wear to the gym: This video will take you back in time!

Fashion is in a state of flux. This is doubly true of fitness fashion. Let's reminisce about the crazy 1990's, when weight training was booming in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We interviewed the head designer of the Slovak fitness brand NEBBIA, Stanka Pecková, who went back in time and shared with us what it was like to design sports outfits 25 years ago. Moreover, Stanka also appears in the video capturing the fitness trends of the last 25 years. Do you still remember these...

06.10.2022 3 minutes

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FITNESS POSING: Read this article if you want to dominate the stage (VIDEO)

The form you bring on stage isn’t the only thing that decides who will be the winner. In the world of fitness there are many fine details that effect the final decision of judges. One of the most important one is a proper posing technique. Your posture reveals what you have been working so hard on all those months. It’s a shame if you cannot show the full width of your shoulders and back, your abdominal wall, gluteus or hamstrings that are the deciding factor in the Bikini...

28.09.2022 3 minutes

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Bodybuilders and fitness fans have always tried to have the most aesthetically pleasing bodies and a robust chest is part of that. Studies show that male attractiveness is higher the if the ratio of chest and waist is small. It means having a small waist and broader chest. If this is what you’re going after, include these exercises in your workout and target all your chest muscles! ●  Good to know:...

23.09.2022 3 minutes

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Strudel with cocoa filling and protein pudding

Protein puddings have taken over our supermarkets. You can get the classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate, but Ehrmann offers hazelnut, caramel, or Colombian coffee flavour. In our recipe, we’ve used the vanilla kind. However, you can try whichever flavour you like and share your creation with us on Instagram tagging ...

16.09.2022 1 minute

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Make savoury waffles using only 3 ingredients

The easiest breakfast is sweet breakfast. Mix yoghurt with banana, add oats and you’re ready to eat. However, for these savoury waffles, you’ll have no problem with waking up a bit earlier. Try this new recipe, experiment, and discover new flavours. These savoury waffles from oats won’t disappoint you. If you like them, you can double the amount of ingredients in the recipe below and prepare them in advance for later in...

13.09.2022 1 minute

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Steroids, the pandemic, and the end of bodybuilding as we know it. What does Martin Pecko from NEBBIA think about the past and the future of fitness?

Martin Pecko has been the head of the NEBBIA fitness brand for 25 years and he has been following the bodybuilding scene for even linger. This year NEBBIA celebrates quarter of a decade and with its boos we talked about the changes in professional and amateur bodybuilding and fitness over the last years and how to fight the lack of interest of young people in bodybuilding. Read this interview with the man who brought a Slovak brand all the way to...

06.09.2022 8 minutes

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NEBBIA girl Denisa Tran Vanová is the new brand ambassador of NEBBIA Fitness. "I'm still just Deni," she says.

We first worked with Denisa during the production of the INTENSE collection in 2021, which was followed by the shooting of the Ocean Selected collection. And finally, we introduce Denisa in this blog as the new NEBBIA Girl. But Denisa is just...

29.08.2022 6 minutes

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Baking for coeliacs: Gluten-free poppy seed roll with ricotta

Are you searching for an easy recipe that will wow your guests? Be the chef of the group with this gluten-free poppy seed roll, and your friends will want to stay forever. Check out this tasty recipe from Lucka that prepared a recipe for a roll with ricotta which you’ll love even if you eat gluten-free. Ingredients for dough: 4 eggs 100 g of xylitol 20 g vanilla...

26.08.2022 1 minute

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Our CEO Martin Pecko: In 25 years in business, I’ve met so many successful people. This is what they have in common!

He built a business that motivated a whole generation of athletes to perform better. Martin Pecko has been doing business in Slovakia and abroad for 25 years. He decided to share what he learnt by doing business himself and what other successful businesspeople and the best athletes have taught him. “I have been in business for 25 years and I have met so many inspiring people that had some things in common. Which ones? If you ask someone else who’s doing business, perhaps, you’ll...

19.08.2022 4 minutes

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How to get rid of tennis and golfer’s elbow for good! Find out how.

You have never played tennis nor golf, but you still have sharp pain in your elbow? These conditions affect ordinary people more often than professional athletes. These are two separate conditions with almost identical symptoms and treatments. If you suspect to have one of these problems, this article will help you identify it. What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis affects adults aged...

01.08.2022 5 minutes

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6 tips to get a slim waist

Belly fat is stubborn. Especially if you only need to lose couple more kilos to have your goal weight and visible abs. A slim waistline is the result of genetics and the lifestyle a person leads. You can’t change the first one, but you can do something about the latter. Thanks to this article you can improve your lifestyle. Read carefully. We have chosen these tips together with our NEBBIA Girl Denisa Tran...

20.07.2022 5 minutes

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Something big has come to NEBBIA stores. Check it out!

Most of us have a lot of clothes that we don’t wear, and we have no use for it. Starting in April 2022, we offer you the option to get rid of your old NEBBIA pieces ecologically, and at the same time receive a 5 € voucher. This article will explain everything you need to know before bringing your NEBBIA clothes back to us.From the 1st of...

15.07.2022 1 minute

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Try out this protein chocolate fondue and feed your muscles!

Do you love the taste of chocolate? Treat yourself on today’s International Chocolate Day and enjoy it without regrets with this recipe. Cocoa is not only tasty, but also very nutritious! It’s high in flavonoids which lower your blood pressure and improve your blood flow. They can also brighten your mood and ease symptoms of depression. Get your daily dose of flavonoids thanks to this recipe that also offers 30 g of protein which makes it ideal as a post-workout snack that feeds your...

07.07.2022 1 minute

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Healthy Potato Casserole with Cottage Cheese

NEBBIA girl Klaudia Mikitkova comes up with healthy dinner or lunch recipes and shares them in our Facebook group. Make one of her tried and tested recipes yourself! This potato bake will fill you up; and it’s high in protein and low in fat. It’s made of simple ingredients that can be found in any supermarket....

30.06.2022 1 minute

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Sustainable fashion: 5 tips on how to dress eco

After more than a year we have an update on how to be more sustainable by shopping responsibly and taking good care of your clothing and washing it correctly. The original article came out on the 8th of June 2021. Today we already know that it is not enough to sort garbage and limit the purchase of plastic bags to reduce waste. At NEBBIA, we are all on the same eco wave so we wanted to share some useful tips for sustainable shopping. As a leader in the...

27.06.2022 4 minutes

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Do you suffer from backaches? These 5 yoga poses will save you!

Backache, stiff neck, or migraines – these are oftentimes the results of long hours spent sitting and bad posture. „Under normal circumstances all muscle groups are in balance, but due to wrong overstraining one muscle gets weaker and the other is overloaded and gets shorter. “Our yoga instructor MUDr. Lydia Lucenicova warns that if this imbalance doesn’t get solved, you can get headaches or backaches....

20.06.2022 3 minutes

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Fit cheesecake with forest fruit: Follow the recipe of a famous fitness food blogger!

We collaborated with our fitness food blogger Lucka and we bring you a recipe for a healthy cheesecake that is foolproof. Besides the recipe, you can also check the number of calories. This cheesecake has simple ingredients, but if you’d like to increase your protein intake, you can add one scoop of protein powder. This fitness cheesecake is so good that no one will see the difference from the regular...

15.06.2022 1 minute

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Our first FIT DAY was filled with specialists, great people, and the best of Slovak fitness

On Saturday, the 28th of May, almost 300 women of NEBBIA FIT DAY started their journey to a healthier lifestyle. During the biggest sports and motivational event for women in Zilina you could meet many nutrition and fitness experts and coaches from all around the world on multiple stages. And that is only the beginning! NEBBIA has been faithful to an active lifestyle and we try to motivate our fans to do better...

08.06.2022 4 minutes

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Mental Coach: “Emotional eating is a problem that can be hard to admit” (interview)

Jana Stanova is a nutritionist, coach, and co-author of the NEtucni project. Some of our fans had the chance to meet her in person at her workshop held in NEBBIA store Ostrava. She focuses on self-development, mindset, health, and weight loss. She is also a mom of two kids, and she’s been through periods of losing and gaining weight. Maybe you’ll see yourself in her story too. Get motivated by Janka’s...

05.06.2022 11 minutes

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People can’t believe how much I eat! Meet Viktoria Filipi, our new NEBBIA Girl

On a nice Saturday, on the 14th of May in Brno, we chose new members of our NEBBIA Girls team which is a group of sportswomen that inspire and help our fans reach their fitness goals. Thanks to them we can bring even more motivation and training and diet tips. NEBBIA Girls project is also part of our long-term...

31.05.2022 8 minutes

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I didn’t hold back with weights, I was crazy. I see it differently now - says the new NEBBIA girl Lenka Wenzelová

On a nice Saturday, on the 14th of May in Brno, we chose new members of our NEBBIA Girls team which is a group of sportswomen that inspire and help our fans reach their fitness goals. Thanks to them we can bring even more motivation and training and diet tips. NEBBIA Girls project is also part of our long-term concept to support young talented individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is one of our new NEBBIA Girls whom we help...

31.05.2022 8 minutes

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When you’re feeling great, the world is your oyster. The models for our collection are the members of our team!

NEBBIA would like to show you that our brand isn’t just for bodybuilders and fitness models. Our latest campaign proves it. The FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD campaign is designed for sports activities and free time. “We have so many skilled women in our company that have so many different hobbies and beloved activities that they do. We are so happy they are part of our latest campaign. Thanks to them we can show that not only this collection, but NEBBIA brand as a whole makes...

26.05.2022 3 minutes

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